fleaFleas are tiny parasites that are about 1/8 of an inch in length, fleas range in colour from brown to reddish-brown and are known for the ability to jump about 6 inches high. Though their name suggests that they are only a problem for felines, cat fleas are attracted to other warm-blooded animals including dogs and local wildlife.

If you are a pet owner it is likely that fleas were introduced into your home by attaching to your pet’s hair. If you do not have pets, it is possible that a neighbour’s pet or wildlife crossing your property exposed you to fleas. Fleas can also be transported by other pests such as mice.

Despite their small size, fleas can be quite a headache and flea bites produce varied reactions among humans, including minor itching and redness to allergic reaction. They are also known to transmit murine typhus and plague. Fleas are intermediate hosts of dog tapeworm and smaller pets may become anemic due to fleas consuming too much of their blood.

Because fleas have the ability to reproduce quickly (approximately 30 days in ideal conditions) they can be hard to control. Flea control is made more difficult due to the fact that these pests are often introduced onto property by outside sources. Contacting adams Pest Control at the first sign of an infestation is the most effective way to ensure your property is kept free of fleas.


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